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November 2015
London, UK

For a module called the "Gizmo Arcade," i worked with a partner (Raunaq Bose) to create a game that was active, multiplayer, and big.



Creep Fighter X was never a serious project. It's about nostalgia, about remembering what it was like to come home from school and beat the virtual heck out of your friends. Writing and sketching was an essential part first of generating ideas, and then of validating them.

With two weeks to build the thing, we jumped into three dimensions as soon as possible. A general plan was enough to get us started, but we were making design decisions up until the project demonstration.

The fighting figures are attached to sleds which move according to hip position. The head and each limb is connected through a 10:1 reduction to the corresponding player part. Elastic bands return the figures to a resting position.



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